Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The new Hand-guards from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC just came in!
Huge thanks to Wes Hawkins and the team for helping me in this adventure!

Here's a few pictures after I installed them on the bike. Quick and easy.

Yep, Lime Green! And that will be the color of all the future mods to come. I mean, I have to honor the brand ...

Gotta love the label ^^

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Here's the bike I have been talking about all along:

As you can see it is 99% stock => That will change. Be prepared to not recognize it. ^^

Sunday, May 13, 2012


It has been hard these past couple days. I'm trying to get those "mods" on my bike to make it the perfect adventure ride. But with no money, no tools, no place... it's hard.

I have been doing some welding at the Theater shop in Santa Barbara City College - no exactly your first choice to mess around with automotives. But through 1 to 2 hour sessions - in between shows - crazy wrenching, and showers of sweat, I have a couple unfinished mods on the way : frames for panniers, crash bars, a half done skidplate - made out of a paper towel dispenser - and I have just finished in hurry, in the condo's parking lot, Weatwacker's mod - the rally fairing mod.

Pictures and DIYs coming soon.

Hard times. Ideas are spinning in my mind. I don't like the rush, the stress, I like space, peace and order. After a few searches on internet, which not all make me proud, I found what I'm looking for ! Check it out:

Although a bit far for me - remember I'm in California. So:

Any experiences with them? Comments? Suggestions?

Next post, I hope to show you my dream bike. ^^

Saturday, May 5, 2012

For almost a year now I have been thinking of this adventure, everyday, every night. The morn routine, which we experience in society, constantly reminds me of my quest for freedom, independence and truth. This trip has now become so important in my life that it is affecting my grades. I remedied to the problem. Here is a quick powerpoint that I created for my Spanish class to demonstrate how can you combine passion and homework, personal life and work. Feel free to send comments, suggestions. Enjoy!

I do not claim any of those pictures mine and I respect the copyrights.
Here is my thread on ADVrider:

Awesome website I like to surf. If your are planning your own trip I encourage you to go check it out, or simply enjoy great ride reports from far corners of the globe. This forum has infos on any subject related to adventure motorcycling.
Hi there!
you landed on the CA to SK blog of Brice. In this blog I will be posting ride reports from my adventure coming up this June 2012. I will be leaving from Santa Barbara in California, going through Oregon and Washington, British Columbia and Alberta, to Saskatchewan in Canada. I will also post products reviews, DIY mods for the KLR650, and much more.